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VACUUM PUMPS of the ДВН series

VACUUM PUMPS of the ДВН series
Vacuum Pumps

VACUUM PUMPS of the ДВН series

Are designed for pumping out air and gases non-aggressive to grey cast iron, structural steel and mineral oil, and explosion-proof in the flow passage and reduction gear. The pumps are to be used ONLY with a fore pump and are the second stage of rarefaction.
The vacuum pumps find application in the following technological processes:
-         drying of transformers and other devices;
-         impregnation of winding, cable, wood and other materials;
-         distillation in the production of non-ferrous metals in metallurgy, and pure substances in chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
-         sublimation drying of products, bioactive preparations, vaccines;
-         melting, casting, doping of metal alloys;
-         sintering of fine-grained and powdery materials in powder metallurgy, in agglomeration, coking process, in the production of refractory products.

Pump ДВН consists of a pump proper mounted onto the foundation frame and an electric motor attached to it with the help of a flexible pin coupling. Pump 2ДВН-500 is cooled by air, while pump 2ДВН-1500 is cooled by water.

Technical Specifications

Parameter 2ДВН-500 2ДВН-1500
Capacity, not less than, l/sec 500 1500
Pressures differential, not more than, kPa 1,0 1,0
Maximum residual pressure,full, Pa 0,5 0,5
Electric motor power, kW 7,5 11
Cooling liquid flow rate, l/h - 360
Mass, kg 550 830
Overall dimensions, mm 1340х600х850 1840х580х850
Recommended fore pump designation НВЗ-90 НВЗ-180

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